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Web3 Operating System for Organizations

Embrace the magic of Fountain in managing on-chain operations. Fountain enables granular transaction and access control policies, streamlining your on-chain transactions into a cohesive workflow.

Seamless Custody and Effortless Wallet Connections

Fountain's protocol integrate seamlessly with custody solutions of your choice, including MPC accounts or Gnosis Safe.

Insightful Interactions, Integrated Analytics

Monitor your crypto assets, oversee transactions, and control account activities and user permissions through a single, unified interface for comprehensive management.

Fountain Platform
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Seamless Interplay for Diverse On and Off Chain Ops

Craft intricate rules for every aspect of your on and off chain activities, be it setting transfer limitations, creating whitelists, managing gas sponsorship, or engaging with approved smart contracts.

Versatile Policy Engine for Universal Account Management

Formulate robust policies once and seamlessly implement them across all wallet account types, negating the need for distributing credentials and enhancing overall security.

Innovative Policy Engine, Extending Beyond Transactions

Elevate your control with policies that transcend traditional boundaries. Set up advanced protocols for decentralized governance, automated compliance adherence, and dynamic response to market conditions on and off chain.

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User group and Wallet Address Provision

Provision user and address groups to ensure transaction security across all accounts and ensure compliance to mitigate regulatory risks.

Open API suite, ensuring ease of implementation

Flexible API suite allows integration with our policy engine so you can take full control of the policies applied to your accounts

Activity Tracking with SOC report

Be audit-ready with our advanced bookkeeping tools to stay legally compliant. We provide audit logs to streamline your annual SOC report.

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